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The Environment 
Growing coffee while sustaining our beautiful, blue planet is a big part of who we are. 

India is probably the only country in the world to grow all of its coffee in shade. This is beneficial in two ways: One, the coffee plants get shade during the hot Indian summers and two, this helps retain the local rain forest which is home to thousands of species of animals, birds and insects. By retaining most of the local trees that provide shade to the coffee plants, our plantations provide a safe haven to several species of flora and fauna. 

Another major initiative that the growers of Monsoon Mist Coffee have undertaken is to participate in a downstream project called Niranthara, where bio-degradable coffee husks (end products of coffee processing) are made into briquettes and used as alternate fuel by the industrial sector.  

Some of the energy that is generated to sustain our plantations is now solar-powered. It’s a small step, but we’re working toward meeting more of our energy requirements through solar power.