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Our coffees are mild, yet whole-bodied. So for the coffee drinker that prefers his/her coffee with less acidity and more body – these are the perfect beans! For optimal results, try blending our beans with Other Milds and use it as a base for cappuccinos and lattes. They give wonderful results. Or simply go crazy and try a few unusual blends and see what works best. Our premium Arabicas are too good to be blended (especially the single-origin ones). Either way, we’ve got some wonderful, aromatic, high-grade Indian coffee beans waiting to be bought at bargain prices!
Processing and Quality Control 
Our coffees are grown, harvested and processed under the watchful and expert eyes of third and fourth generation growers who are proficient in their trade. Quality controls have been implemented at every stage.

Centralized processing using modern technology and state-of-the-art imported equipment installed at the on the plantations and at the coffee curing works, maintains and improves the quality of coffee right from the selective stage of harvesting to the time of curing. 

Only the best beans are selected for import.

The quality of beans is certified by a group of cup-tasting experts at the Coffee Board of India. The result – beans that are exotic, full-bodied and aromatic, yet mild with balanced acidity, ready for export!

Perfect Brew!

​•Mild & less acidic 
• Full-bodied
Perfect Cappuccino/Latte Base
Single origin coffee