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Our Indian Arabica coffee beans when roasted have an excellent aroma mainly because they are grown at high elevations. Indian high-grown Arabicas have subtle flavors, balanced acidity and spicy overtones (since it is grown with pepper trees in the plantations). Arabica Plantation beans are wet-processed (washed) beans and Arabica Cherry beans are dry-processed. 
Our Coffees
All of the coffee that we are currently importing comes from coffee grown in the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka in Southern India. We are able to provide you single origin coffee beans as well. 

Currently, we are able to offer you the following varieties and grades of green coffee: 

Arabica Parchment: Plantation A, Plantation B, Plantation PB, & Plantation C.
Arabica Cherry: AB, PB, & C.
Robusta Cherry: AB, PB, & C.
Robusta Parchment: AB, PB, & C.

Our most popular grade for export to North America is Arabica Parchment (Plantation A), which is a high-grade, premium coffee. 

All of our Arabica coffee is grown at elevations of 4,000 feet above Mean Sea Level (Balekola Estate). Our Robusta coffee is grown at elevations of 3,000 to 3,500 feet above Mean Sea Level (Balupet Estate).

Robusta, like their names suggest, are robust and full-bodied, balanced acidity with a hint of pungency and earthy flavor. These have fine blending qualities and work best with “Other Milds.” Robusta grown in India already has a reputation of being of a higher quality and a wonderful base for an espresso whether as single-origin or as a blend. When roasted and brewed, it mixes well with a shot of cream. We import both Robusta Parchment (washed/wet-processed) and Cherry (dry-processed) Robusta beans.

Other Indian Speciality Beans 
While our main focus is to introduce fine Arabica and Robusta coffee from India to the North American market, we can also make available more commonly known Indian Specialty coffees (Monsooned coffee and Mysore nuggets).